“If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.”
Linda McCartney

About me:

Philipp Gabriel

Born and raised in the area arround the most beautiful in germany, I moved to Cologne with my 18th birthday. First I finished my shool education at the Joseph-DuMont-Berufskollege, after this I worked for the DuMont-Shop GmbH for half an year in an internship to get my university entrance qualification. So I went to Mönchengladbach for a semester to study in business and found out, this is nothing for me. So I fast changed the direction to „Information-Science“ in Cologne and made it there for two and a half years and quit. I was sitting in the lectures with no motivation at all and it was terrible. Then I worked for an small agency in Cologne as a Developer and start to study „Online Redakteur“ at the TH Köln. At this time I founded my first own company „Fuchs und Biber“. So now, 3 semester – I regret nothing. Maybe that I did not find this out earlier but okay.